Memorial Gifts

Remember your loved one...

Honor your loved one with a memorial gift to Texas Mission Builders. A gift that will be remembered and appreciated for years, not only by that special person in your life but by the many folks who will use the buildings that Texas Mission Builders help construct. Send your gift to:

Texas Mission Builders
c/o Leroy Smith
P.O. Box 287
Huntington, TX 75949

Include your address and the honoree’s address so acknowledgment cards can be sent to both.

Contribute to Texas Mission Builders

Construction Volunteers Serving Missions & Churches...

Contributions can be made in many ways.

  • Volunteering your time and working on goals together can bring joy not only to those you serve but to yourself.
  • Our projects cost are less that conventional financing but there are still cost. Your donations can help T.M.B. and the projects we serve.
  • Remember Texas Mission Development when donating. They are a big part in helping Texas missions and churches aquire some of the funds neccessary to perform their building projects.
  • Prayer is always needed. For those who can't volunteer or donate, your prayers are also a form of contributing. Pray for our continued support and for those in need of building projects.
  • Letters of appreciation can be an encouragement to those who are on the receiving end. We all have days when things "Just don't go as planned". Your encourging words help when those days are weighing heavy on the minds and hearts of the volunteers that serve.
  • Consult your attorney or financial planner about leaving a portion of your estate to Texas Mission Builders in your will.