The organization of Texas Mission Builders was the result of much prayer and council on the part of several men who saw a need for a voluntary work force among the Missionary Baptist Churches of the State of Texas.

Our Purpose

In the past, missions and churches have, at times, settled for much less than was needed in the area of construction of new buildings or additions to their existing buildings because of the high cost of material and labor. The central purpose of Texas Mission Builders is to give Missionary Baptists the opportunity to do greater work for the Lord in the future by:

  • Organizing a volunteer work force to help in the construction of church buildings or additions to existing buildings free of charge.
  • The soliciting of people within our churches of various skills and crafts to use their talents for the Lord.
  • To compile a list of names and addresses of people who would be willing to volunteer their services.

Our Plan

T.M.B.’s plan is to assist missions and churches within our local associations in reducing the amount of money spent on labor for their building projects. Our long range plans are to assemble such a work force that entire building programs could be carried out by people participating in T.M.B.

T.M.B. seeks co-coordinators who will help to relay and publicize information concerning projects.

Each church within their local association should seek to identify and encourage those who are willing to participate, whether skilled or unskilled, in any particular area.


  • Current:
  • Roof and Repair – Eastside, Jacksonville
  • Cabinets – TBI, Henderson
  • On Going:
  • Repair – Grace Temple MBC – Mt. Pleasant
  • Remodel – Heritage MBC – Center
  • Recently Completed:
  • Repair – Eastside MBC, Mt. Pleasant
  • Roof – Liberty MBC, Blodgett
  • Remodel Apartment – TMB Shop, Laneville


T.M.B. could use your help as volunteers. If you wish to be apart of any of these build projects Contact Us to be placed on the volunteer list.

Pine Springs Camp Resident Manager: Ricky Lee (903) 863-5524 or email Pine Springs.

Associated Partners

  • East Side Mission Baptist Church – Pastor: John Bryant
    Church sponsor for Texas Mission Builders
    East Side MBC accepted to be the sponsor for TMB in November 1994. Since then their efforts and support has helped T.M.B. continue its building mission for churches and missions throughout Texas.
  • Texas Mission Development – Director: Jim Slocumb
    Churches & Missions Helping Churches & Missions Financially
    Sponsored by Rocky Springs M.B.C. in Dialville (Jacksonville area), Texas. T.M.D. collects offerings from churches, missions and individuals and then gives those offerings on a quarterly basis to churches and missions who need funds for building projects. Works are nominated through the T.M.D. office and then ballots are mailed to all churches who donate. The ballots are then counted and the high vote receiver is presented with the quarterly offering.
  • Missionary Baptist Association Of Texas
    Churches with a vision… Holding forth the word of life
    The object of this Association shall be to awaken a deeper interest in the welfare of the churches, to cultivate a closer fellowship among the churches, and to encourage and perpetuate the very greatest possible activity in missionary, educational and benevolent enterprises.
  • American Baptist Association
    Always true to the Word
    The American Baptist Association is a fellowship of Baptist churches that have elected to associate with each other for the furtherance of the cause of Christ on earth. Through their associated efforts these churches send and support missionaries in many areas of the world. They publish a full curriculum to train their members in the fundamentals of the Christian faith as found in the Bible, especially the New Testament. These churches also help each other in their ministries to the poor and homeless people through children’s homes and other projects. According to the 2001 American Baptist Association Year book these churches are located in the United States, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Fiji Islands, France, Germany, India, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Philippines, Peru, Solomon Islands, Uganda, Vanuatu, Venezuela and Honduras.

Thank You,
Mike Pearson
Project Supervisor – Texas Mission Builders