TMB Guidelines

  1. Texas Mission Builders will be an auxiliary of East Side Missionary Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Texas. It shall be operated by the same scriptural authority by which other missions and auxiliary work is done.
  2. Membership consists of any church or member of a church that associates with the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas.
  3. Officers will consist of a board of directors elected by the sponsoring church. All officers, coordinators, and salaried workers will be approved by the sponsoring church.
  4. Request Procedure: Churches or missions requesting assistance in construction of an addition or a new structure must have been actively associated with the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas for the last three years. Qualifying churches should send a letter of request along with their plans or schematics or work to be done to Texas Mission Builders c/o Bro. Leroy Smith, P. O. Box 287, Huntington, TX 75949. Request from missions will take precedence over churches.
  5. Building Limitations:
    • Liability Insurance must be provided for the protection of those volunteering their labor. Copy of certificate is required in TMB office.
    • Plans, schematics, and materials must be provided by the requesting church or mission.
    • Additions to buildings with an existing 6/12 pitch may be permissible except that the church will have the responsibility for the
      shingling. All new constructions may have no more than a 5/12 pitched.
    • For safety reasons, no structures with outside walls over 10 feet tall will be accepted.
    • No request for work on gymnasiums or parsonages will be accepted at this time.
    • All requests must be approved by the sponsoring church.
  6. After construction has started on a project, any major changes which affect the TMB schedule of other projects will become the responsibility of the church or sponsoring church of a mission that is being helped. If plans are changed after approval, they have to be re-approved and put to the bottom of the work list. Any project that is not ready to build, when their time arrives on the list, may be placed at the bottom of the list by the board of directors.

Current directors are:

  • 903-894-3908 Chastain, Howard
  • 903-795-3541 Gould, Calvin
  • 903-894-3187 Morris, Jerry
  • 903-822-3415 Owens, Darrel
  • 903-572-2605 Parr, Jerry